The strength of the tornado that killed at least 24 people and destroyed countless homes in Oklahoma this week is rarely seen in Wisconsin.

The Oklahoma tornado was a top-of-the-scale EF5 twister with winds of at least 200 miles-per-hour. The National Weather Service says only six tornadoes in Wisconsin match the severity of the EF5 -- the 1996 Oakfield tornado caused $40 million in damage, but no deaths; the Barneveld tornado in 1984 took nine lives and injured 200 others; in 1958, 19 people died when an EF5 twister churned a path from Baldwin to Colfax.

The three others occurred in the 1800s. One-hundred-seventeen people were killed in the New Richmond tornado of 1899. An 1898 tornado in Abbotsford and Antigo killed 17. The Darlington tornado of 1893 caused five deaths.