The Dane Co. Sheriff's Office says a deputy could face charges over a potential relationship with an inmate. The deputy is currently on administrative leave.

A department supervisor found out about the possible relationship between Deputy Jeffrey Hilgers and an inmate of the Dane Co. Sheriff's Electronic Monitoring Program on May 29th. Authorities interviewed the female inmate. She reportedly said she was in an intimate relationship with the deputy.

Investigators say Hilgers and the inmate met while she was at the Dane Co. Jail in 2012. They exchanged e-mail and phone numbers. In April 2013, the inmate says she saw Hilgers while she was out grocery shopping as part of the electronic monitoring program. She approached him and the two began a relationship. Right now the woman is restricted to her residence, and wears a bracelet monitoring device.

The Dane Co. District Attorney is reviewing the investigation for potential charges, which could include Second Degree Sexual Assault. In a release, Sheriff David Mahoney says “it is absolutely unacceptable for a deputy to take advantage of the power and control relationship and develop an intimate relationship with an inmate”.

The deputy has been with the sheriff's office for about 15 years and was assigned to work in the jail.