Drive sober or get pulled over, that's the campaign going on now in Sun Prairie. Police say it's a statewide campaign that their joining in on.


"There is nothing more important than saving lives in this business," says Sergeant Ryan Cox.


For the second year, Sun Prairie is taking part in the Department of Transportation's campaign cracking down on drunken drivers.


"The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over is one of the biggest ones of the year. Obviously, Wisconsin battles with OWI enforcement all year round, but during the summer months, it is the highest and it's prevalent," says Cox.


He says with Corn Fest going on this weekend in Sun Prairie, it's bringing in a lot of people and one persons bad choice, could cost some lives.


"Hopefully with the number of officers we have present in the area and the amount of citizens we have out there watching, we'll probably get some help with that, and we will be able to do a good job enforcing it."


The campaign lasts until September 1st. Police say hopefully their efforts will save some lives.