A University of Wisconsin-Platteville student who had his nomination for the UW Board of Regents rescinded after he told Gov. Scott Walker's office that he signed the recall petition says he feels like his character is under attack.

Josh Inglett tells The Associated Press in a Thursday interview that if Walker's administration was concerned about him signing the recall petition two years ago they should have asked during the four-month vetting process.

Walker announced he was appointing Inglett on Monday. But on Wednesday, his staff member called Inglett and asked if he signed the petition.

Hours later the offer was rescinded. Inglett says there was no reason for him to bring up his signing of the petition earlier. But he says if Walker reconsiders, he would still serve.

Two state lawmakers are also calling on Governor Walker to reconsider.  They are Middleton Democrat Jon Erpenbach and Richland Center Republican Dale Schultz.