09/23/2013 UPDATE:

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray is on the job for the final week. His final day is Friday, Sept 27.

The 52 year old Wray says there have been major changes in the Madison Police Department in the nearly three decades that he’s been on the force.

Wray has worked with four mayors, dating back to Joe Sensenbrenner in the 1980s, and has seen how the city has changed, in population, and in crime.


MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Madison Police Chief Noble Wray says he's stepping down after nine years at the helm of the department.

Wray told a news conference Tuesday he had wanted to retire at the beginning of this year, but two officer-involved shootings in six months made it impossible for to leave without causing too much disarray.

Wray says his last day will be sometime at the end of September or beginning of October.

Assistant Police Chief Randy Gaber will then serve as interim chief.

Wray was named police chief in 2004 and has been with department for 28 years. He focused on what he called "trust-based policing," an extension of the community policing philosophy espoused by his predecessor and mentor, Chief David Couper, focusing on building relationships between officers and community members.