Madison Police arrested two women who allegedly stole bags full of lingerie from Victoria's Secret at the West Towne Mall. A third suspect is on the loose.

A saleswoman watched three women stuffing lingerie into bags Thursday afternoon. When she confronted them, the women grabbed the bags and ran away.

The employee enlisted the help of a Madison officer in the mall. He alerted other officers.

A second officer in a squad car saw one of the women putting two large bags into the trunk of a rental car in the mall parking lot. She and another woman were in the car.

The officer asked some questions and the women denied stealing anything from Victoria's Secret. They said they had made some purchases at the mall but did not have any receipts.

The officer had them open the trunk. He found five bags stuffed with assorted undergarments with a retail value of $5,914.86.

The saleswoman who spotted the women says two of the bags could be from a different store in the Milwaukee area. Both women were from Milwaukee.

Police believe they may have been trying to return some of the merchandise for cash.

Officers arrested Anita Moore and Monique Hardy. The third suspect could not be found.