06/05/2013 UPDATE:

The Madison police officers involved in a deadly shooting following a standoff on the Far East Side last month have been cleared by Dane County DA Ishmael Ozanne. On May 17 after being served an eviction notice, Brent Brozek held police at bay for nearly 12 hours. He then emerged from his condo with his dog and a sword. Police say Brozek charged at them twice. First they fired bean bag rounds, to no avail. Then real bullets were fired. , Brozek died later that night at a hospital. In his ruling, Ozanne says responding to that threat with deadly force is permitted under law.

05/24/13 UPDATE:

The three Madison officers, involved in a deadly standoff a week ago, have been identified. Officers Ryan Finnegan, Ryan Orvis and Scott Templeton have been on paid leave since last Friday night's shooting of 43 year old Brent Brozek. Brozek was being served an eviction notice last Friday morning, when he held cops at bay for nearly 12 hours. He then emerged from his home, with a sword. Police say Brozek charged at them twice before he was shot. All three officers involved have been with the Madison Police Department for over 10 years.


The Department of Justice is handling the officer involved shooting on Madison's far east side, that left a man dead after a day long standoff on Friday. It all began in the morning, when deputies tried to serve an eviction notice to 43 year old Brent Brozek at his condo on Rockefeller Lane. Later in the evening, police say Brozek came outside, with his dog and a sword, and charged at police twice. Initially, police fired bean bag rounds at Brozek. As is routine in officer related shootings, three Madison cops are on leave as the investigation continues. Police Chief Noble Wray turned the investigation over to the Department of Criminal Investigation as the Madison Police Department is in the midst of reviewing procedures in officer related shootings. It is in regards to the shooting of 30 year old Paul Heenan last November.


The Dane County Medical Examiner's office has identified the man shot and killed by Madison police Friday, ending a long standoff. Brent Brozek, 43, sustained numerous gunshot wounds after authorities fired several rounds as he charged at them wielding a sword. The standoff began with authorities attempted to serve Bozek with an eviction notice at his condo on the 900 block of Rockefeller Lane. Throughout the standoff, police attempted to persuade Brozek to come out peacefully. Officers first tried to stop him by firing non-lethal bean bag rounds. Brozek was pronounced dead at the hospital.


Three Madison officers are on administrative leave Saturday morning after a man is shot multiple times on the city's east side and dies. It started as a standoff between the 43-year-old and police when the man barricaded himself into a house in the 900 block of Rockefeller Lane, as an eviction notice was being served Friday. Dane County Sheriff's officials eventually calling off attempts to get him to peacefully leave the home later in the day.

A police spokesperson says the man came out to walk his dog around 9 p.m. carrying a sword and when officers tried to talk to him, he charged and it's when police first fired bean bags. But the spokesperson says the man charged again, and several officers then fired the shots leading to his death. His name isn't yet released. An internal investigation is underway as part of police proceedure.

A standoff on the east side of Madison ends late Friday. Officers calling off attempts to get a 43-year-old to surrender peacefully and say he barricaded himself into the home in the 900 block of Rockefeller Lane as an eviction notice was being served earlier in the day. One of the last requests from law enforcement was met with yelling and threats from inside the house. Sheriff's officials also involved and say a few deputies will remain on the scene but are asking neighbors to call 911 if they see the man outside. Streets in the area open to traffic after being closed for more than six hours.