An Evansville area man is expected to be charged Wednesday in Rock County Circuit Court with two felonies , in the death of a Fitchburg woman.

Nathan Middleton, 29, faces counts of hiding a corpse and mutilating a corpse. In addition to the felonies, Middleton will also be charged with several misdemeanors.

Middleton admits to burning the body of Aprina Paul, 18, but denies killing her. Rock County Sheriff Bob Spoden says they'd love to get enough evidence to charge Middleton with homicide, but he can't say yet if that will come to pass.

Determining Paul's cause of death has been difficult due to the condition of her remains.


UPDATE - 11/13/13 -

JANESVILLE, Wis. (AP) _ Authorities have arrested a southern Wisconsin man on suspicion of hiding the body of a 19-year-old woman whose body was burned in a fire pit.

The Rock County sheriff's office says the 29-year-old man was arrested Wednesday.

The Porter man was being held on suspicion of a probation violation. He is a person of interest in the disappearance of 19-year-old Aprina Paul of Fitchburg but has not been charged.

A lab in Dallas is examining bone fragments. The sheriff's says if that evidence indicates a cause of Paul's death, other charges are possible.

The man is expected to appear in court Thursday.

In court documents, police say the man met Paul through an online ad for sex, and two days later burned her body over a fire in his yard.


UPDATED Thursday, November 7, 2013 --- 4:14 p.m.

Court documents are shedding more light on the Aprina Paul case.

According to a Search Warrant Affidavit, Nathan Middleton admitted he posted an ad for sex on Craigslist which was answered by Aprina Paul on Oct. 27th.

The report says Middleton and Paul texted back and forth, and agreed to meet. Nathan Middleton dropped his fiancee off at work in Middleton, then picked up Aprina Paul in Fitchburg, and drove her to the home he shared with his fiancee outside Evansville.

At the home, Middleton and Paul reportedly consumed an unknown drug, and also smoked marijuana, and had sex twice. The next morning, Middleton says he woke up and found her not breathing, and without a pulse. He says he tried chest compressions, and eventually wrapped her body in a blanket and hid her under a liner outside his garage.

He says he put her clothes and purse in a burn barrel, and later threw her cell phone out the window while driving along a road north of the house.

Eventually, he bought shovels and kerosene at an Evansville store. His fiancee went into town to buy supplies for s'mores, at which time he took Aprina's body, put it in the fire pit and covered it with wood and kerosene and lit it on fire. Middleton and his fiancée sat at the fire until nearly midnight.

During the interview, Middleton was shown a picture of Aprina, he confirmed she was the person he picked up and whose body he later burned.

The Rock Co. Sheriff's office impounded Middleton's car.

UPDATE - 11/05/13

MADISON, Wis. (AP) _ Police say in court documents that the person of interest in the death of a Fitchburg woman met her through an ad online for sex, then two days later burned her body over a fire in his yard.

The affidavit filed for a warrant in Rock County Circuit Court to search the 29-year-old Nathan Middleton's car revealed the new details.

No charges have been filed against Middleton, a person of interest in the disappearance of 18-year-old Aprina Paul. Middleton is jailed on a probation violation.

The affidavit says the man told police that Paul responded to his online ad for sex Oct. 27, the day her family said they last saw her leaving home with an unknown man.

Middleton told police he did not kill Paul, but awoke to her dead body in his bed. Middleton claims he tried to revive her, and then wrapped her in a blanket and eventually burned the body at his Evansville area home.


UPDATE 11-06-2013:

Family and friends of an 18 year old woman from Fitchburg, who's remains were found in a burn pit near Evansville, turned out for a vigil Tuesday night. Many tears were shed for Aprina Paul at Madison's Penn Park.

Aprina met up with Nathan Middleton through a craigslist ad he posted, looking to "party". Middleton, who is jailed on a probation violation, denies killing Aprina but says she did die in his company. He also admitted to burning her body.

Aprina's mother, Alice Larrue, has a warning for other young women... to be very careful about who they meet online.

The Rock County Sheriff's Department continues to investigate whether Aprina's death was natural, accidental or a homicide.




UPDATE 11-05-2013:

An Evansville area man has admitted to burning the body of an 18 year old Fitchburg woman, but denies killing her. Nathan Middleton remains jailed on a probation hold.

Middleton told authorities he met Aprina Paul online in late October and picked her up at her home. He claims Paul died "in his company" and in a panic, he burned her body.

Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden is doubtful they'll be able to determine a cause of death from Paul's burned remains.

The investigation into Middleton's story of events continues, as police try to decide if Paul's death was natural, accidental or homicide. Spoden says a pressing question is why would Middleton go to the extent that he did to cover up the death.

Middleton just recently moved into the rental home with his fiance' and her baby.


UPDATE: 11-04-13 -

Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden says they are confident the human remains found at an Evansville home are that of Aprina Paul. Spoden did not say specifically why, but said there is enough evidence at the scene to link it to Ms. Paul.

He says they will need to send the remains to a crime lab to officially identify the body.

Spoden says Nathan Middleton remains in custody on a probation hold, and is a person of interest in this case. He is not being called a suspect and has not been charged in connection to Ms. Paul's death.

Information from their investigation led police to Mr. Middleton. Spoden says it appears he met Aprina Paul through a website. Fitchburg police questioned him, and he led investigators to the human remains at his home.

Mr. Middleton was living at the hone with his fiance and her 5-month-old child. His fiance is also being questioned by investigators. She says she doesn't know anything about Aprina Paul's death or the investigation.

Right now it is unclear how Paul died, whether her death was accidental or homicide.


11/04/2014 UPDATE:


JANESVILLE, Wis. (AP) _ At least one neighbor noticed a fire burning for almost a week in a Rock County burn pit before investigators discovered female bone fragments there.

The bone fragments were found as authorities were investigating the disappearance of Aprina Paul. She was last seen on Oct. 27.

Stacy Wagner tells The Janesville Gazette that she has a clear view of her neighbor's yard and noticed a fire burning there Oct. 28. She says the fire kept going day and night, with flames about the size one would expect from a campfire.

Wagner says her first inkling of trouble came when deputies showed up Friday night.

Investigators are working to determine who the bone fragments belonged to. A man who lives in the home has been arrested on a probation hold.


Town of Porter - The on-going search for a missing 18-year old Fitchburg woman has centered on a Rock County residence. Aprina Paul was first reported missing on October 27 when she was last seen getting into a vehicle.

Late Friday afternoon, the Rock County Sheriff's Office, with help from the Fitchburg Police, began searching the property of 29-year old Nathan Middleton on the 12000 block of W. US Hwy 14 in the Town of Porter.

Middleton has been taken in for questioning and on a probation violation.

Authorities have collected evidence, including reports of human remains, from the residence, and are considering the location as the possible sight of Paul's death.

The investigation remains in its earliest phases.