MADISON, Wis. (AP) _ The Wisconsin Legislature's budget committee has approved a bill that would funnel more than $35 million toward job training.




Republican Gov. Scott Walker proposed the measure. The plan would devote $35.4 million from the state's projected $977 million surplus for grants to help eliminate technical college waiting lists for high-demand fields, high school students get trained for high-demand jobs and the disabled find work.




The state Assembly passed the bill earlier this month. The Joint Finance Committee approved the bill 12-4 on Wednesday, setting up a vote in the state Senate.




Minority Democrats on the committee complained that the bill doesn't get enough money to technical colleges fast enough. They say Republicans could have done much more.



MADISON, Wis. (AP) _ Gov. Scott Walker says he's still open to working with lawmakers on his half billion dollar property and income tax cut proposal that passed the Assembly and is awaiting action in the Senate.




Walker said Wednesday that he doesn't care when the Senate gets to the bill, as long as they pass it before they leave for the year likely sometime in April.




The Assembly passed the bill on a 62-37 vote Tuesday, with all Republicans and two Democrats in support. The Assembly added a $7.5 million sales tax exemption for contractors who do work on projects for certain local governments and certain nonprofits.




Walker shrugged off a question about that change, saying ``if we get 99 percent of what we want, we'll declare victory and move forward.''