Madison Police say a woman swung a frozen turkey during a fight at the S. Gammon Rd. Woodman's.

The argument between two groups of women happened the evening of Nov. 12th.

Police say the fight, which broke out near the store's meat counter, revolved around a dispute over money.

Two women started exchanging punches, then one woman armed herself with a frozen turkey, swinging and tossing it.

The fight toppled a palate holding eight large boxes of bacon.

A 62-year-old man called 911 about the fight. While he was on the phone someone threw a container of yogurt at his head. It just missed, but he got yogurt on his ball cap.

The fight ended when one woman pulled out pepper spray, shooting it into the eyes of two women.

Police stopped the women who were pepper sprayed before they drove away from the store. They were cited for disorderly conduct.

Others involved in the food fight were not found.