UPDATE AS OF 1/7/14: Rumor has it that, even though Paul and Ringo may not be part of the Ed Sullivan 50th anniversary shindig, David Letterman is doing  everything he can to get them to play together on his show that week. After all, Dave's show comes to you from the Ed Sullivan Theater, so... Why not? This is nothing more than a rumor so far, but wouldn't it be cool? Click here to read more.

Older news follows:

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UPDATE AS OF 1/6/14: When this was first announced, it looked like Paul and Ringo would both at least be part of the festivities, although nobody would say for sure they were performing. Now the word is that organizers "will not confirm" that either of the Beatles will be there. If that's true, I have zero interest in watching. I really, really, REALLY don't care to see John Mayer. Keith Urban, and John Legend cover Beatles songs. Sorry, guys. You'll never come close to the originals, so don't even bother.

More updates as we get them... The original story follows:

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This appeared in the feed a day or two ago, but it bears repeating:

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will appear on a TV special which will air in February to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the exact date and time The Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Of course, a cast of today's pop performers will be there to ruin the hell out of a bunch of Beatles songs. That's just par for the course these days, unfortunately.

BUT... the two remaining actual Beatles will be there, too. Will they play some songs together? I'll let you know if I hear. You may have already read it, but here's a link to the article.