New Stones Movie Trailer


Donald Fagen has no regrets.

John Paul Jones going operatic?

The Pig flies again!


Kevin “The Oak” O’Connor grew up in the South, but crossed the Mason-Dixon line over 20 years ago, leaving behind both his southern accent and his fondness for bourbon. He has wandered the upper Midwest and the desert Southwest, to which he someday vows to return. The Oak most enjoys being among his own kind: Trees. Devil’s Lake, Blue Mounds, Tower Hill, and Kettle Moraine are among his favorite hiking destinations. If forced to remain indoors, he enjoys craft brews, music of the metal, hardcore, and experimental varieties, and horror and sci-fi films. The Oak has become a techie geek in recent years and is sure the Linux distro he's currently running is better than your stupid operating system, whatever it may be. His future plans include the conquest of planet Earth by creating an army of mutant clone troopers, inventing an invincible super-weapon, or summoning extra-dimensional eldritch forces to do his bidding. (Work on all three projects is currently on hold.) He currently resides with his incredibly beautiful and wife and an incredibly stupid dog.


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