Artists Alive, Inc. Present Eclipse: Dark Side of the Moon 50th Anniversary

Artists Alive, Inc. Presents Eclipse performing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon 50th Anniversary

The Orpheum Theater | Madison WI

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Go back in time with Eclipse while revisiting many of Pink Floyd’s greatest hits including a meticulous full-album performance of the iconic Dark Side of the Moon! With an estimated sales of 45 million copies and counting, it’s one of the most popular works of recorded music in history.

2023 is the 50th Anniversary of the storied album release and now you can preview the show in a very intimate setting before the 2023 tour! The show will feel like a stadium concert jammed into a small, intimate venue with mind-blowing musicianship, audio, video and lighting artistry to behold. The performance promises to please even the most critical Pink Floyd fan!

You’ll hear hits like Money, Time, Us and Them as well as many of The Floyd’s other hits from various albums like Learning to Fly, Another Brick in the Wall, and many others!

Eclipse is comprised of veteran musicians, technicians and artists focused on producing live concerts that offer powerful and unforgettable experiences for audiences. Focusing on musicality and lyrical interpretation, we strive to connect with the emotions of every audience member. Produced by Artists Alive, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, to benefit children’s arts and music education.


Artists Alive, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by Artists for the benefit of children’s music, visual and dramatic arts. As educational budgets have been squeezed, so too have these crucial programs. In some instances, music and/or arts programs have been eliminated from schools entirely. While funding is a challenge to these arts programs, so too are the demanding schedules of our children. With the recent emphasis on standardized testing and for-credit college prep courses, students have less time than ever to discover the arts. Arts education is crucial to a well-rounded education and is equally as important as other core subjects.

Artists Alive also believes in the value of cultivating music and the arts for adults. For many adults, it’s difficult to find opportunities to be actively engaged in their passion. We’ve worked with some very creative individuals to make their dreams of recording their original music a reality. We provide the recording facility, engineering, musical arranging, musicians and production to create a professional product, ready to sell. By working hand-in-hand with these individuals, we’re able to breathe life into their dreams and create opportunities for them with their music.

As testimonial to how pivotal the arts can be in one’s life, several of our contributing resident Artists are professional Engineers and have credited their careers wholly to their background in the arts. Our children’s future will be powerfully influenced both professionally and personally with the opportunity to learn about the arts and the powerful creative forces and critical thinking tools that are unleashed with exposure to creative music and the arts. As an Artist, one is trained to think “out of the box”. This training often allows Artists to find brilliant, creative solutions to very complex problems where more traditional, linear logic may fail. This creative approach to complex problems not only works brilliantly for music and art, but it can be valuable in leadership positions in the private sector and especially in all positions of our government. By placing a priority on the arts for our children, we are investing in our future leaders.