This Building Was Just Declared The Ugliest In Wisconsin

Facade of typical prefabricated concrete slab building (Plattenbau) in the center of East Berlin, Germany

Photo: Getty Images

While there are countless examples of breathtaking architecture in the United States —the Empire State Building, the White House, that big wicker basket in Ohio, to name a few— not every building can be a winner. Some are even a bit unsightly.

Travel A Lot recently took a look at the most... questionable buildings each state has to offer in order to compile a list of the ugliest buildings in every state. The George L. Mosse Humanities building at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was named the biggest eyesore in Wisconsin (why do I feel sorry for it?). Here's what they had to say about the building:

"Welcome to prison! Err, I mean, welcome to the University of Wisconsin! This building may house the humanities department, but there’s not a thing human about this design. However, apparently it's not just the outside that looks so cold and unforgiving--there are frequent complaints about the temperatures inside, and many faculty members located in the building will cover their floors in a pile of rugs in an attempt to stay warm. And best of luck trying to find the right classroom in its maze of halls!"

Apparently, current plans call for the building's removal between 2029 and 2030 so it can be replaced by modern academic buildings.

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