Cocktails to go in Wisconsin Are Now Legal

So I feel like this has been a thing in smaller towns in Wisconsin for a long time but now it's officially legal for bars and restaurants to sell cocktails to go! Governor Tony Evers signed a bill into law this past Friday and it went into effect yesterday and a to the surprise on no one this bill passed with bipartisan support. The bills allows for mixed drinks and glasses of wine to be sold "to go" as long as they have tamper-evident seals. Proponents of this bill say it will help struggling bars and restaurants continue to try and ride out the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic while detractors say this is just encouraging drunk driving in our state. To me I feel if bars/restaurants serve these "to go" cocktails in a responsible manner much like cutting someone off at the bar when you know they've been over served this is a win for bars/restaurants as they continue to try and survive through this pandemic.

If you want all the details on the specifics of this bill check out this great story from WPR