Marvel Series about Loki Drops their Trailer Today!

I'm a Marvel junkie!!! I've loved everything about WandaVision and so far what I've seen from Falcon/Winter Soldier. Now our first look at the next series from Marvel Studios is here. Below is the first trailer for the upcoming series on Disney+. The series will be available on the streaming service June 11th. I can not wait to binge this series and looking forward to everything else Marvel Studios has in store for us! My only issue is I hate waiting each week for a new episode! I wish Disney+ would take a cue from Netflix and drop the entire series at once. How do you feel about that? Do you enjoy sitting down and having the ability to watch every episode of your favorite series or having to wait for a new episode each week? I thought that was the whole point of streaming services, to give you all the content at once so we could choose when we watched our favorite shows?