Uber to Deliver Puppies Today

Today is National Puppy Day, my favorite day of the year, so Uber is teaming up with local shelters to bring puppies on demand to Madison today from 11a - 3p.

For a $30 fee, Uber will bring you puppies and the money will go to Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin. The goal is to find puppies forever homes, raise awareness about the importance of adoption, and highlight the mission of Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin. 

It's super easy to do too! Just simply open your Uber app between 11a and 3p and request PUPPIES. If your request is accepted, puppies will come to you and you'll have 15 minutes of snuggle time and play time.

What's great is that all the puppies that come are available for adoption.

Van Edwards

Van Edwards

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