Ketchum's Ride


IN HONOR OF BRANDON KETCHUM                                                            

Mission: To promote awareness and to provide assistance to Wisconsin Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Ketchum’s Ride Online Auction 9/1-10/15/18

Ketchum's Ride fellowship on 9/22/18 from 11-3.  

 Ketchum’s Ride is a once-a-year fundraising bicycle event to support Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

 We ride for Brandon .  Brandon Ketchum was a Marine who served two tours of Duty in Iraq .  After Brandon left the Marines, he joined the National Guard and did a tour in Afghanistan where he was injured.  On July 8th, 2016, Brandon Ketchum died by suicide after suffering from PTSD for many years.

 Unfortunately, Brandon ’s story is not uncommon for many of our returning veterans.  The following is an excerpt from one of the Marines that he served with while on one of his tours:

 “He was injured during service to his country.  He went where others would not, and did what others feared to do.  Ketchum’s injuries were both physical and emotional.  Brandon Ketchum was in pain and suffering.  He had demons of his own but he still helped those around him”

 Our campaign runs from now through October 15, 2018 .  Our online Silent Auction to raise funds ends on October 15, 2018 .

 We are asking your assistance by becoming a donor for our 2018 Ketchum’s Got Your Six.  Donations may be dollar contributions, gift certificates or items we can place on our online auction.  Our goal is to raise awareness to the 20-22 suicides that are committed daily by our Veterans as well as to raise $20,000.00 for trained companion dogs for our Wisconsin Veterans.  Donating is a great way to show your support.  Every dollar raised goes directly to support our veterans.  We realize that each contribution requires careful consideration.  Any and all donations are gratefully appreciated.

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