Brian Regan at Orpheum Theater

Photo: Jandt, Ben (uploader)

Brian Regan

March 5, 2022 at 8pm

Orpheum Theater in Madison

Tickets on sale Friday, June 11th, here.

The Brian Regan 2017 tour features family-friendly jokes and observations from one of the nation's most highly-respected comedians. Taking the stage alone, Regan offers a sarcastic take on daily life, plus plenty of expressions of physical comedy. Featuring pit stops at a variety of venues throughout the United States, Brian Regan's 2017 tour continues on a concept referred to by fans as the "never-ending tour." Although sometime accompanied by opening acts, the tour is all about Regan, who does his own writing and entertains audiences all by himself. The recipient of multiple American Comedy Awards for Best Club Comic, Brian Regan also receives regular acclaim on top comedy blogs and in the New York Times. He's appeared on several comedy specials, including Nunchucks and Flamethrowers on Netflix.

The Brian Regan live experience proves hilarious, yet intimate for everyone in the crowd, even at large venues. Stand-up comedian Brian Regan entertains audiences with self-deprecating humor and minimal off-color jokes. He enjoys shedding light on the absurdities of everyday situations, such as preparing Pop Tarts for breakfast. He utilizes ample physical comedy by entertaining fans with unusual facial expressions. He balances this emphasis on the physical out with sophisticated writing. No two shows are exactly alike; Regan regularly incorporates new jokes, many inspired by the latest foibles in politics. Rather than focus exclusively on well-known routines, he uses live shows as an opportunity to test out new jokes and physical gags, thereby keeping his material fresh for both new and longtime fans. Sometimes, however, he includes better-known bits upon fan request, often as part of his encore. His show follows no discernible plot, but transitions from one topic to the next make sense and feel natural. With perfect timing, fresh material and relatable subjects, Regan's performances are sure to entertain audiences of all ages.

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