Ash & Lexi Are Awake At The Henry Vilas Zoo

Two Grizzly Bears at the Henry Villas Zoo have awoken from hibernation and the staff posted a video to their Facebook page above! Let's just say they had a little bit of energy!! The Zoo also announced the Lake Wingra entrance along with the Children's Zoo will open Monday March 29th!! The Children's Zoo is filled with narrow walkways so guests must follow the one way marked paths in that area. This opening marks the first time in over a year that zoo guests can see red pandas, gibbons, meerkats, and many more animals! Also the carousel will now be open 7 days a week for $3 a ride. You will also be able to get a snack starting Monday as the Glacier Grille and Chocolate Shoppe will open. Also note that the train and playground will remain closed for now citing Covid-19 safety precautions. Hopefully that's not for long though with the Governor's announcement that starting Monday everyone over the age of 16 is now eligible for a Covid-19 vaccination.